Monday, November 2, 2009

More of Sara

Since I some great responses from my other Sarah Groves post a few days ago, I decided to share another.  :)  This one has another very special place in my heart, and it is from the same album. 

I am a person that feels called to volunteer. Partly selfish, I love the feeling I get when I am giving to someone else. I love that my time, my thought, my effort can help another person.  I used to help run a Mothers of Preschoolers group, and loved it.  Giving a group of mothers time for themselves helped them be better mothers, and it made me feel like a better person.  I have done a lot of volunteering over the years. Girl Scouts, school functions, etc. You know the drill. ;)  And I have to admit that there were definitely some rough times. It is a lot of work.  You have to balance alot when you volunteer.  Why are you doing it?  If you are voluntering for Girl Scouts, are you doing it for your daughter? For the other girls?  When it starts to take too much time away from you family is it really a benefit anymore? So many adversities, so many reasons to keep doing it.  And when I first heard this song, I just sighed, and said "Thanks Sara. For getting it. For saying it."

Know My Heart

Inspired by Psalm 24:3-6, and Psalm 139:23 & 24.

Why do I pray-do I pray to say I prayed an hour? Why do I love-do I want you beholden to me? Why do I help-do I want to hear my name called out? Why do I sing? . Chorus: Search me and know my heart, oh God. See if there is any wrong thing in me. All I have ever really wanted are clean hands and a pure heart. . Why do I tithe-do I tithe so I can get a blessing? Why do I praise-do I praise to do the right thing? Why do I serve-do I serve so others will serve me? Why do I sing? . Chorus

I would love if every person who volunteers could hear this song before they choose to do it. "Why do I help-do I want to hear my name called out?"  Some people truly volunteer to help because it makes them feel important.  Which is in some ways, is justified. You SHOULD feel great when you help others. But it shouldn't be WHY you do it.  Do you go to church because that's just 'what you do'?  Do you help others to get the thanks?
I'll admit, sometimes I feel down when I don't get a thank you.  But then I have to remind myself that that's not why I did it.  This kind of goes along with this post.  My self proclaimed mission is to make at least one person smile every day. Even if that person is me. ;)  But I really don't do it because I want others to say "Gee, that Karin is really great", though of course, I certainly wouldn't mind hearing it.  I do it because that's what I'd like every person I encounter to have a happy moment.  And if I never get a thanks, well, that's okay.  Because just knowing that I made someone smile is thanks enough for me. :)  

"All I have ever really wanted are clean hands and a pure heart."

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