Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun Fun

Today I did a little show at a local movie theater.  Fun fun fun!  It was slow, but the ladies there helped me have a great day.  I shared the booth with my bestie Stacie.  She makes the most adorable hairbows. Seriously.

Our stuff looks so cute together doesn't it?

My friend Sarah was there too, and I swear, the three of us just love each other. They can both just make me smile any time they want.  So I had to get a pic...

So we look pretty normal right?  We look happy... the show had just begun. After about 7 hours of sitting and people watching, Stacie and I got a little punchy, lol. There was a girl that was set up right in front of life size aliens from the new movie Planet 51.  It cracked us up... she looked like she was surrounded, lol. I told Stacie I was going to take a picture, and she said, no we need to take one of the 3 of us... only we need to make the same look they are making, lol. Oh my gosh, it just made me giddy. I am so NOT silly like that. Stacie is so good for me.  She makes me take life less seriously and just have fun.  So guess what?  You get to see us being totally silly...

I was trying SO HARD not to laugh that this look was all I could muster, lol.  I LOVE the looks on the other girls faces. Seriously, this picture just makes me CRACK UP.  Love it.  Thanks Besties. ;)

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