Saturday, September 19, 2009

School is IN!

Summer was both super short, and super long this year. I know, it doesn't make sense! But that's how I feel. :)

The weeks leading up to the first day of school, I thought I had my kids figured out. When I asked them if they were ready for the first day, or if they were getting excited, they would both reply that they weren't exactly excited, lol. They were both looking forward to seeing friends, but not enough to be excited about homework!

But secretly.... I thought that Haley was nervous, and that Davis was secretly looking forward to it, but didn't want to admit it. Boy was I wrong! The first day of school, Haley was one cool cucumber... and Davis was nervous.

I like to drop the kiddos off the first day instead of letting them take the bus, because I like to get the picture in front of the sign. I told myself years ago that I would only do it until 6th grade (this is my last one with Haley, *tear*) and that I would bring them early enough that it wasn't embarrassing, lol.
So we got there, took pics and Haley offered to show Davis which door he was supposed to line up at. He shook his head, and gave me a look. Then he asked me to stay. No problem! (Phew, my kids are not embarrassed of me yet, and they want me around!) So I walked him over, and asked him what he was nervous about. He had no idea. :) That's my kid. :) Anything new is scary. I feel the same way. Change is hard. But then friends started coming up and saying hello... excited to see him, and things got better. And he smiled. :) And when I picked them up that afternoon, both were all smiles, and loved their teachers. SCORE! :)

Here Davis is before school, sporting the sign that I made when Haley started Preschool. That was seven years ago. Sigh.

He's still feeling pretty good at this point. He's cool. He can handle it. :)

And then Haley's turn. I need to find the picture of her when she was going to preschool and scan it. Seriously. I need you to share my anxiety over the difference, lol.

At this time I would like you to note that both Haley's fingernails and toenails are painted an awesome sparkly pink. :)

And now you can see Haley at school... cool as a cucumber and wondering why I am still taking pictures....

And Davis. Poor guy. This is what he looks like when he is STRESSED. You might not be able to see it, but I can, lol.

And yet, he lived through it. :) He loves his teacher.... and the kid he shares his locker with. And was all smiles all week.

And get this... Haley has had her homework done before getting home every night. They have free choice time and she has been doing her homework then... with spare time to read at the end. HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND. This has never happened. Seriously. This girl has spent 5 hours doing 15 minutes of homework before. Can I get an AMEN?


pamelama said...

Amen! That's excellent!

Octamom said...

They are so adorable! Love that you made that sign and have used it every year--that is awesome! So glad they like their teachers--here's to a great start to the year!