Monday, September 21, 2009

I heart school supplies

I big fluffy, pink, fru-fru heart school supplies. It is an unhealthy obsession. When I start to see school supplies appear at Target... my heart starts to flutter. This year I told Haley she could pick whatever folders she wanted. I wanted her to be able to enjoy the task that I looked forward to every year. Spread the joy. She looked at me and asked me to pick them out. Wow. Seriously? Apparently she doesn't share my joy, lol. So I turned to Davis. His super organized personality must call out for school supplies, right? (Last year at the school Open House I picked up an eraser in his desk to admire it, and was scolded for returning it 2 inches from its original location, lol). Alas, he wanted the most simple notebooks he could find. I was to choose the rest. Now don't get me wrong. I was honored to be chosen for such a task. I just can't understand their lack of enthusiasm to join me. :) Is anyone else with me on this? :)

So anyway, I got the kiddos their supplies. I packed thier bags. I filled Haley's beautiful pink Trapper Keeper. Yes, they DO still call them that, thank you very much! :) I was in heaven. And then they went to school.... and took all of the new boxes of crayons and pencils with them. Boy, I love new crayons. Sharp, pointy, beautiful crayons. Oh, sorry, where was I? ;)

The second night, Davis had homework and needed a pencil. No problem! I have boxes stashed away. :) And so he went and used the powered pencil sharpener Haley had brought home from school a while ago. (I have no idea why one would get rid of such a device, but Haley somehow snagged one from a teacher). I had forgotten about it. It is such a wonderful little thing. It sharpens the pencil to a perfect point... and there is not evidence! No icky little shavings. It is like a gift from the school supplies gods. And so I started to sharpen one pencil. And then I thought... why not fill the container with new pens and sharp pencils for when the kids do homework?

And I sharpened so many, that it started to moan at me. It stopped turning. It needed a rest. And that's when I realized that I had a problem. I need an intervention, lol.

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tscrapper said...

I'm so right there w/ you! I almost dread giving Sophia new crayons because I know they're going to get broken at some point. I love newly sharpened pencils and fresh boxes of crayons. :)