Friday, September 18, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Somehow, in my family, we have managed to 'lump' birthdays, lol. Matt and Grandma are right next to each other, Amy and Nana, Tom and Lauren, Davis and Steven. Well... that means that 1 week after my mom's party, we got together for Matt's (my nephew).

This kid has a giggle like no other. It is contagious. You can't HELP but giggle with him! He LOVES anything Spongebob, and also wanted a Jack in the Box. Aunt Suzy, as usual, DELIVERED! :)

How about that smile? I mean, really... you are smiling right, aren't you? ;)

My beautiful sissy carrying out the cake, with 5 candles!

Lauren and Haley being girly. :) I love that as they get older, they have more in common. :)

More spongebob...

And here we have Davis. This is what he looked like most of the night. Uncle Tom wondered what was wrong. Why is Davis so quiet? Well... he is coveting Matthew's gift, Tom, lol. I was very proud of him... he never said a word. Never even asked to open it. Spongebob Legos. I mean, if that isn't THE gift for Davis, there isn't one, lol. :) And he just stayed quiet and STUDIED that box.

So it's a kind of a good thing he had that tooth problem. Because when you have to have the teeth removed via a dentist, the Tooth Fairy feels bad for you... and gives you a little bonus. He got $10!! And so I caved, and we went and bought it... and he did odd jobs for me around the house to earn the other $10. Yeah, I know. I'm weak.

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Joie and Kurt Hauschild said...

You're not weak, kids need a pick me up - and look how SWEET he's being at the party -and he "WORKED" the rest of it off-I say that is great and you are teaching your kid a great value!