Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garfield Park Craft Show

Last week Tuesday, my friend Sarah called and wondered if I wanted to do this craft show with her on Saturday. We had talked about doing it... then decided not to...but kept going back to it. So what the heck, right? "Oh wait, I have nothing made." I hadn't sewn any new items for my shop in weeks. Like, over a month, weeks, lol. So she told me to get sewing... and she sent in the app.

Just so we are clear, that was the first day of school. Yeah. So I sewed that night... and the next day. Then I had market on Thursday... and sewed that night. Friday was spent sewing as well... surprise surprise. But for my efforts, I managed to make 38 purses/totes, 21 lanyards, 25 key fobs, 85 tissue cozies, and 20 dog collars. Phew.

And I had one stocked booth...

And boy did we luck out. The person in charge of the show had put us in the wrong booth that morning, and we had to move, leaving only about an hour to set up (not so lucky). But the spot next to us in our new location was empty... and she let us expand! WOOT!

My friend Sarah, also known as "The Hippie Chick", makes candles, hand forged jewelry (she forms all of the pieces herself!!) and journals out of reclaimed books. Love her!

In this picture you can see the amazing journals that her hubby creates. He takes books that are damaged (written in, missing pages, etc.) and takes the binding off... inserts blank, recycled paper, and creates the journal with the book top and back.

Overall it was a fun day! There wasn't as much traffic as last year... but still a great day. Sarah and I had a blast. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad it was a good day! I saw four booths at Renegade that had those cool book cover journals. Great way to repurpose.

tscrapper said...

Wow, your booth was stocked! Looks great!

I really want to learn how to make those repurposed journals, too!