Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Birthday Girls

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of going to a birthday party for two wonderful little girls. Their mom is my best friend. :) And she rocks. No, really, she does. She doesn't even read my blog, so I'm not just sucking up, lol. Anyway, these girls are close to my heart, I love them like they are my own. Truly. And one's birthday is close to the 4th of July, and one's is close to Labor Day... tough weekends for birthday parties. So Kerri (mom) decided to do a combined party right between the two...

She had everything. There were games. There was a clown.

There was face painting. (That was my job... the kids didn't even care that I can't paint, lol)

The theme was a Carnival... it was amazing. They even had a bounce house!! Of course, Mom and Aunt Jayna had to try it out! Two gorgeous sisters. :)

And according to my kids they have the coolest swingset ever! lol

Birthday girl number one (who requested her artwork to be her new age)...

Birthday girl number 2 (who of course had to be like her big sister)...

And the big brother who kind of cheated and requested a six... even though his birthday isn't until November. ;)

And here are the birthday girls with their Grandpa, blowing out the candles on the cake... and the shirts I made them for the party. :) Alexandra's says "2" and Olivia's says "4". I'm thinking come November I'm going to be making one that says "6" for Thomas. ;)

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