Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still Breathing...

Recently Kelly O. posted and asked if I was okay. :)  (Thanks sweetie!!)  It made me realize that I haven't posted in months. I guess I knew... I've just been too busy to do anything about it.

Life is good. My neighbors have settled in and realized we aren't awful people... and we found an amazing family down the street that the kids love. Five children... all homeschooled. There is more than enough fun to go around. ;)

In  my personal life, I've gone through an interesting several months.  Well, two years really.  If you read my blog you know that Ross moved to New York almost 2 years ago.  He has been living with his female friend since he moved there.  He came to visit here in June, and brought here with after I requested he not. After a year and half of waiting and patience, I decided that enough was enough. I filed for divorce a few weeks later.  I've been a single mom for 2 years... but juggling it all got harder this summer, since I now have a part time job AND the markets and craft shows that I participate in.  Keeping up the blog was just too much. I do hope to start again... as this really is something that I enjoy. I have met some amazing people along the way. My daughter enjoys reading my thoughts, and I love that for years to come she will be able to look back on this blog and smile. :)

I thought I'd post a few pictures from the last few months so that you can see that we really are doing well... and hopefully you'll get some more updates soon. ;)

I'd say from that look that they are doing okay. It's been a tough few months for them... and for me.  There are many things I'd love to say... but for their sake I will just say that I know things will be okay. And that I'm ready for what is to come. Life is good. ;)


RedHead said...

Hi Karen,

Glad to see you are still kickin! The pics of you and the kids are adorable! Are you going to be at Mona Shores this year? If so, I'll see ya there. :o)


The Renowned Unknown said...

Glad to see you're posting again... not that I was here for the previous postings, but I like what you've written so far.;) Good luck on the divorce and I have a feeling something good will be coming your way in the next two weeks.

A Little Of A Lot said...

Things will be ok. I hope one day Ross wakes up and realize the errors of his ways but you and the kids are better off not having to have that toxicity around.
Love the pics, you are a credit to your children.
Love you !!