Monday, October 11, 2010


Suddenly, I have a middle schooler. Suddenly... I'm having conversations that I really don't want to have.  Are you ready for this? If you're not sitting? You should. ;)

The other day Haley and I were hanging out in the living room. Hanna Montana was on, though neither one of us were really watching it.  And Haley asked "Mom, do you remember how HM's mom died?" And I said, "I'm not sure, I think she was sick. Cancer maybe?" And she said something to the affect of  "Was it that disease if you have sex too early, or if you mix your blood?"  I was in awe. And trying desperately to figure out what she was asking me. 

Upon questions, I figured out that she was talking about AIDS/HIV.  But wait, did she say having sex too EARLY?  Wow... is that how the school explained it in the sex ed class?  Hmmm... that's what she took away from it.  And so... I got to explain to this precious, innocent face....

about STD's.  And why it's best to only have one partner in your lifetime because if you have sex with a  person that has had sex with five others.. it's like you've had sex with those five other people if they have contracted anything. I think at one point I used the word sex 5 different times in one sentence. (Gasp!) I was totally cool. Totally together.  And they she left the room and I thought... Did that really just happen?  ;)

Can I just say... that I love my daughter? I love her for asking... I love her for having the courage to ask any question.  And I love her for listening to the answer, and really wanting the TRUTH.  She is pretty amazing, that girl.  I just don't know that I'm ready for her to be a woman. ;)


Deurloo Do-ings! said...

Karin, I think you are an amazing women and MOM!!!!! Never forget it, k?

Haley said...

i coudnt even tell! Like u said, u were totally together.