Monday, October 4, 2010

I love me some Davis

My son is hilarious. I'm sure not everyone thinks so.... but for me?  He can make me laugh when I'm grumpy, angry, sad, or already smiling.  In the car last night, he had me rolling.  Let me share. ;)

My car recently had some work done on it, and I've been borrowing a car.  Davis made a comment that it sure was nice to have windows that roll down in the back seat. (Our mini van has the pop out style).  I told him that I was sorry... we were about to go get the van. He said "Well that sucks." And I looked at him and said, "Hmmm... I'm not so sure you should be allowed to say that." He replied, "That sucks? Why not?"  I said, "Well did you know that is Grandma Cathy's LEAST favorite word of all time?" and he said "Well that SUCKS!" And gave me a wink. I was cracking up.  I wasn't even able to explain why he couldn't say it anymore. I had to call my sister to tell her.  (To explain... my mom always  made us say "That sucks popcicles" because she didn't want it to be implied that we could mean something else. We still joke about this... since the idea of it meaning something else hadn't occurred to us!  lol).

While I was telling my sister the story, Davis was trying to get my attention. When I got off of the phone I asked him what he had needed. He said "I don't know, something about.. CHEESE!".  I know it's hard to give the effect in writing... but he is just a nut. He couldn't remember so he said that instead. Well, I giggled and said, no was it about Aunt Susan's car? (My sister was in a car accident last week, and I had asked her if she had gotten everything taken care of when we were on the phone).  He said, "Oh yeah!" And I said, well everything's okay but someone hit Aunt Susan's car with their car. And he said "Wow, that person must be REALLY STRONG!" And I about peed my pants laughing!  He is just so quick.. and so dead pan when he needs to be.  The perfect comedian. :D  Hope you at least giggled a little. ;)


Tasha said...

That is hilarious. Love it. :)

A Little Of A Lot said...

LOL, too funny.
You need to save him for Reagan, the 2 of them together could take their own show on the road :)