Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Every year we get together with some awesome family friends and go get our Christmas Tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I love every minute of it. I loved it when Haley was the only kiddo there, and I love it even more now that there are 8 of them running around. :) Here are four of them...the other four I couldn't pin down, lol.

It was snowing pretty good on Sunday, so I was very proud of my hubby, who let me find the right tree. :) Of course, after we got it home, we discovered the hole they drill into the bottom wasn't in far enough, lol. So we can't actually decorate it yet, we have to go back on Sunday and have them fix it, but hey, at least we found it. :) (For those of you who are wondering, the hole in the trunk is how we put our tree in the best tree stand EVER).

The kids had fun...even though they were cold. Here they are guarding the tree while Daddy gets the car.

And here we have Davis...wondering why I need to take a picture when it is snowing, and we obviously need to keep moving, lol.

And Haley, who totally understands my need for just the right picture. I hope she doesn't forget that the night of her first dance....

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A Little Of A Lot said...

My favorite Christmas memories always seem to revolve around getting the christmas tree.
So did you sclep it back and get the holes drilled again ?