Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last month my daughter went to her first high school dance. It was pretty exciting... even though it made me feel ridicuously old. :/ Wasn't it just a couple years ago that I was going to dances?? Oh wait, it was like 20, lol. 

So the crazy thing is... I had put my dresses into a closet and forgotten about them. When we moved, I found them and figured we were so close to dance time that I might as well have Haley take a look at them. She fell in love with one, and asked if she could wear it. NO PROBLEM! Are you kidding me? Hello free dress!  So we went and got some cute shoes, a great necklace, and got a manicure.  She looked gorgeous!

I know right? Pretty fantastic? he was very specific on how she wanted her hair done... right down to the curls left out at her temples.  When she left I went and found the picture I knew I had of me in the dress.  Are you ready for it?

Yup... that is crazy.  Just wish I could find one of me standing to put them next to one another.  Thinking back, I had no idea how beautiful I was... but looking at Haley, who I know looks AMAZING... and then seeing how similar we look in these pictures... well it makes me realize that we all think of ourselves how we choose. I had no idea that I was beautiful. I hope Haley realizes it. Every. Single. Day. Love this girl.  

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