Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A new family

Like I said in the last post... I'm engaged. I didn't mention though, that he has four amazing kids.  So... yeah, we will be the Brady Bunch.  Our kids, as of today, are ages 4, 6, 8, 11, 14 and 18.  I am now that person that you stare at at the mall, lol. You know who  I mean. that lady that you're wondering if she brought her kids friends with, or if they are really are hers. ;)

First there is Travis... He is 18 and hilarious. Not too many words come out of his mouth, but when they do, boy does he make you laugh.  That or you want to smack him. Or both. ;)

Then there is Christian.  He is 8 and has the best giggle I have ever heard. When he laughs, I laugh too. Every time.

Next is Caden. At 6, this boy is like no other. On Rob's birthday he got a call that Caden was going to the hospital, because he had a rock in his ear. Of course, he did, lol.

And Malea. the youngest of four, and just 4 years old herself, she is a feisty one.  I mean, you would HAVE to be if you had these brothers. And well, if you have Rob as a dad... you're gonna be feisty. ;) 

When all 8 of us are at church on Sunday... we take up a whole row. It's cra-zay.  But it's never dull. ;)

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