Saturday, March 7, 2009

When life takes over...

Wow, my life took over and I haven't had much time for etsy, my blog, or anything else! I'm hoping to get back in to posting and sharing with all of you!

Last month my husband was laid off from his job. That's the way of life lately here in Michigan. :( So he has moved in with some friends in New York temporarily to see if finding something there might be easier. I'm hoping it is! :) But I miss my hubby.

Being mom to two kids without a hubby at home has been interesting. I find I can do it all...but I miss being able to talk to someone at night after the kids go to bed. I don't know how all of those single moms do it! Work all day, make sure their kids are healthy, happy, and get their homework done AND still keep their sanity. :) So to all of you single moms out there... YOU ROCK!!!

Next post...Disney! :)


Trish said...

I don't think you're creepy :) It's funny that you posted on my blog. I came to your blog and saw your title. We've met :) We did a swap through etsy and you so kindly donated some stuff to my daughters fundraiser. I didn't know if you remembered or not:)

and yes I would rather have rain vs. snow right now too! but wouldn't 80 be lovely?

Anonymous said...

NY????? WHAT????? Oh my girl. That stinks but I do hope he finds something. Mine is leaving for three weeks too. SUCKS! We can piss and moan together...sound good??

Ashley said...

Oh Karin! I hope he is able to come home soon. Can't wait to see your Disney pictures!