Sunday, March 15, 2009

It really is the thought that counts

Tonight I had some wonderful friends bring me out for dinner. We had an amazing time, laughing and talking. I havne't laughed that hard in a LONG time. I had left the kids at home to watch a Jon and Kate plus 8 marathon that Haley was excited about. I have to admit that I was gone longer than I thought I would be...but didn't really worry, since we were just a few blocks away. :)

Well, Haley decided that it would be really great to do something nice for me. When I called her to let her know I was on my way home, she was super excited about what she had done. I was getting excited too...until I walked in and saw Davis' very nervous face. Haley led me into the kitchen, where she had "cleaned" the floor. When Davis was reaching for something in the pantry, Haley saw that Baking Powder is "Great for Cleaning!" and decided to sprinkle it all over the floor in the bathroom and the kitchen. (When I asked her why she didn't pick it up, she said she thought it needed to sit for a while in order to work.) But then when she went to put the baking powder away, she saw "sprinkle" and "ground" on the cocoa powder. Yes, I said cocoa powder. So she sprinkled that all over too. So as I entered to see my 'Surprise!' I saw a floor covered in brown and white powder. :( To make things more interesting, someone had walked through the room in order to get to the other side, and had tracked the cocoa powder along. See exhibit A...

Yup, that's a footprint. :) I'll admit it, we are in need of new carpet, so don't look TOO close, lol. But this definitely doesn't blend in, lol.

The hardest part about the entire thing was that Haley was TRULY doing her best to help. I was SO PROUD of her for trying so hard to do something to make me happy. I tried so hard to explain that I was so happy that she tried to do something for me, and that it really is the thought that counts. At 10, I am surprised that she did not realize that this was more mess than clean, but I also realize that maybe it's time I have her help me with the cleaning so that she knows what to do. :) I think for her, the thought of coming up with the whole thing on her own made it that much more special. And I love that she was so willing to put herself out there and do something to help. :)

She also sprinkled baking powder other areas around the house... My computer, the table, the back of the couch... so here is my computer, in all it's glory.

I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of the floor with the cocoa powder. It was so thick the dust buster couldn't pick up the powder. ;) I figured if I took a picture of the floor I wouldn't be able to forget how completely covered it really was. ;)


A Little Of A Lot said...

OMGoodness. I don't know whether I would have wanted to laugh or cry.
Kudos to her for wanting to help though.
Maybe you should just buy her her own Swiffer and let her go to town on your floors w/ that.

Rachael and Chris said...

This post is hilarious and I love that you can see past the annoying mess into your sweet, well-meaning daughter's heart.
Thanks for checking in on my nice of you!

tscrapper said...

Wow, you handled that much more graciously than I would have. The intent was very sweet though. You mentioned your son looked nervous. Did he say anything?