Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My son is so bizarre..

And I am just like him, lol. The other day, I opened up a brand new jar of peanut butter to make him a peanut butter sandwich. He came RUNNING when he saw that I was taking off the lid, and saw the new seal. I couldn't figure it out, and then I realized, he wants to see the knife go into the new, undisturbed peanut butter. It is just cool to watch. Now stop laughing.

Are you one of those people who likes NEW crayons? Me too. When Haley was small, my hubby took a BRAND NEW box of crayons, tore the paper off and broke them into pieces. It seriously, broke my heart. It is supposed to encourage creativity, because you can use the sides of the crayons. It worked...Haley is very creative. ;) But I still want me a new box of crayons, lol.

The funny part is...I am the messiest person I know. I admit it. I am a wreck. If I don't do the dishes for 2 days, it honestly doesn't bother me. So what is UP with this? Am I alone in my craziness? (Besides my slightly odd son? LOL)


Catherine said...

This cracks me up. Two days is nothing! :) I'm messy and it drives me crazy, but nothing's changed. One day, I'll probably just accept it...we'll see!

tiffany said...

I am messy (how can you be anything different when you have kids?)and I love new school supplies! It makes me want to draw or write something!

Found you through Little Bit Funky.

C said...

You aren't alone...I love that too! I also have an odd love of finishing off things like that...not projects or things like that but PB or ketchup, or shampoo... something about finishing it...I love!

Thanks for stopping by! :)