Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Artisan Market in Grand Rapids

So have you ever been to the Fulton Street Artisan Market? I have never seen the variety in artists, like I did there! For the last two weeks I have participated in the little shindig that they hold every week, on Sunday afternoon. Visit the FSAM for details, including pics. :) The first week was a little slow...I only sold 2 key fobs. But I had a blast. Last week was a bit better, and it was a gorgeous day, so who can complain about being outside?

The best part was that I met Jennifer, a local crafter, who also happens to write for the Grand Rapids Press. She writes a craft column, but I don't get The Press, so never get to read it. Little did I know, she has a blog. WOOHOO! She told me about it and gave me her card. I was thrilled, and I am hooked! You should check it out! She wrote a little article on how she met try to scroll down and see it! (Yes, this is a shameless plug!)

And here we have my booth. I never thought I'd fit all of them!

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tscrapper said...

Your booth looks great! Sometimes, it's more about who you meet at craft shows, but it looks like a beautiful day.