Friday, June 27, 2008

My Niece's Birthday Gift

So Paige (my niece) has been at the house a few times over the last couple of months, and keeps seeing all of the fun fabrics that I'm bringing home. When she asked if she could have something in one of the fabrics...a light bulb went off. Hello...her birthday is coming up! So I decided to make her a little skirt and top combo. I love applique! It is so quick and SIMPLE. You have to love it when you can take a $3 Walmart shirt and make it cute!

Then I thought about how much she loves to bring her "drawing stuff" to restaraunts and places. She is an amazing artist, who can draw better than me, and she is turning 7! Anyway, I think she needs a bag to carry her papers and crayons, don't you?

So I decided to applique some hearts onto a simple canvas bag. Not too elaborate...but I think it's cute. Plus...It's way cuter than a gift bag, right? Now off to buy her some things to go in the bag!

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