Saturday, August 29, 2009

Did you wonder???

Did you start to wonder if I was coming back? lol Twice this week I got scolded by my big sister for my lack of blog posts. I know... she was right. lol

A few things happened. Around the same time as the tire incident... my laptop monitor quit. It gave up. It conceded, after months of flickering in and out. So I now have a set up of a MASSIVE, old school monitor on my desk NEXT to my sewing machine (poor girl, she's not used to sharing) with it plugged into my laptop. It doesn't work well. It's a pain in the tush. Hence, less computer time. Computer time is usually a DE-stresser, but now it has become a little more cumbersome. :(

Another thing happened... I read a few books. I know, crazy thought, huh? lol Here's the thing. Reading is amazing. I love it when I can lose myself in a good book. Or even a decent book, lol. But there are pros and cons.

-Less computer time, ;)
-I get nothing done. Seriously. Because I am obsessive and have to finish the book. I'm the same way with a movie. Even if it is AWFUL, I have to watch it to the end. I know. I have issues, lol. But that means less sewing, less cleaning, and a messy house. At least when I watch a movie I can do something else at the same time, like cut fabric. :)


- Less computer time, ;)
- I get nothing done. But in a good way. I have ME time.
- I can't eat and read. I know, some people do it, but not me. I am engrossed. I don't even think of food when I'm reading. I lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks, lol!
- My kids see me read and know that it is a fun thing to do. :)

As you can see the pros outway the cons... but I think I need a break. I haven't sewn anything significant in weeks. My booth at market tomorrow is going to be pretty scarce. ;)

Okay, off to read the last few chapters...

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Ashley said...

Enjoy your book! Reading is such a great thing.

I sent you a message on facebook about the coming month.