Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm so proud of my hubby :)

Some of you may know that my husband has been training for a pretty big ride all summer. Every Sunday, he took his day off and would do a training ride with the West Michigan JDRF team. He signed up to do a 105 mile ride through Death Valley to benefit JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). He had to raise $4000 in donations in order to go! (By the way, we are about $100 short, lol, so if you want to donate, feel free to go to his blog on the right for link!!) We have both been amazed by the people involved in this ride. Most of the riders either have diabetes themselves, or a child with the disease. They are all amazing, and have all made this an amazing journey for our entire family.

This past week they went to Death Valley, and as a team, rode their bicycles through 105 degree heat! Ross finished the full 105 miles. I am so proud of him! He said that it is by far the most difficult thing he has ever done. Personally, I found the lack of cell phone coverage UNACCEPTABLE, and was waiting very anxiously for his return so that I could hear all about it. :) The kids and I were so proud, that when we went to pick him up from the airport, this was what he saw...

Yes, that is my sad excuse for a drawing of a bicycle. :)

So the next time that guy riding his bike in the road annoys you because you would like to get past, remember that he might just be training to help some wonderful people find a cure for diabetes. :)


Dulce said...

way to go Ross.
Congrats to your whole family Karin.
Keep on biking Ross.

club-velo said...

That van is correct. Their dad is awesome and does indeed rock. Thanks for loanin' him to us and I hope that we returned him to you guys in acceptable condition. (If not - we took out the extra insurance, yes?)

Seriously - thanks again!

tscrapper said...

Wow, that's awesome! Nice work, Ross!

BTW, I think your bicycle (and the rest of the van decor) is fabulous!