Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Whaddya Think?

Recently, while on Etsy I bought some adorable magnets made from one of my favorite fabrics (Apples and Pears). When they arrived, I thought, "Hey, I can do that!", and now I've been looking everywhere for cute novelty fabrics with just the right size items on them! I am loving the cupcakes. Now I just need to find those fun frames that you can put magnets on! I also made a Memo Board with this concept for my beautiful neice. She had her First Communion this past Sunday, and so I made her little crosses out of fun, girly fabric. I just wish I had taken a picture!

So post comments and let me know how you like them! Is it worth putting in my shop and/or at Craft Shows? I was thinking about $2 for the larger ones, and $4 for the 'sets'. They have a thick interfacing/felt on the back to make them sturdy, along with (obviously) a magnet. Then I sealed the edges with Fray Check so they they wouldn't fray. So Whaddya Think? :)

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